Familia Jeff

Familia Jeff – we identify as a nonconformist band with both an aggressive and a melodic sound, that combines many rock subgenres. In each concert we try to infuse an old school vibe and bring your carefree rocker spirit back to life. Our songs are inspired from personal thoughts and experiences, that are mixed with our crazy humor and our cool energy. The passion we put in our music is fueled by the wish to create an authentic bond with the our listeners. We’re the kind of band that prefers to hang around for a beer and a grill after a concert, because, after all, we are all a great big family!

Laura Şincă – vocals
Robert Alexiu – guitar & backing vocals
Silviu Ciocanelli – guitar & backing vocals
Albert Weisz – bass
Eddy ‘Jeff’ Alexiu – drums

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Artistic Résumé

  • December – Started recording our next material.
  • March – Silviu is back in business, lots of rehearsals coming



  • Crazy year. We had a few interviews with FemMetal (en), Conexion Rock (en/es), Observatorul Prahova (ro).
  • We got streamed on national and international radios (Pure Rock Radio Indiana, Rock Radio Nashville, JM Rock Radio Germany, Raute Musik Rock Germany, Conexion Rock Radio Honduras, Sport Total FM Romania, and Radio Prahova as guests) and Laura got nominated for FemMetal Awards – Best Clean Vocals.
  • July – Rezistenţa Făgăraş Bike Fest – 1st edition
  • June – we released our first album „Family Ties” Album on Spotify
  • April – Rockstadt concert – Opening for Cardinal
  • November – we released our first music video for „Mici şi Bere”
  • October – Silviu left the band and started another project
  • October – Club Live concert in Câmpina
  • September – Poker Run 5 by Hells Angels concert
  • July – Rock la Foc by Roata de Foc in Ruda/ Măgureni
  • April – Club Control concert in Bucharest – Opening act for COMA
  • March – Louisiana Bistro concert in Bucharest
  • February – Londophone concert in Bucharest



  • November – our first concert – Club Live in Câmpina
  • October – Silviu joined the band & „Tataie” was composed, deciding to follow the ’family line’ and create, little by little, a concept album
  • June – Laura joined the band & „Mamaie” was composed (our first original song)
    The story started with the brothers, Jeff and Robert, who were already playing with Albert for some time. They were searching for a vocalist and by chance, they came across Laura and they immediately clicked. When they first sang together, Silviu was in the room and he continued to come at the rehearsals and help with ideas, until one day, when he decided to do more than that, and he started playing his guitar.
This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Laura – psychology & drawing

Robert – film making & gaming

Jeff – rap side project & partying

Cos – tennis balls & begging for food

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