“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller
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Ora 0

Art Gallery

Ora0 is an art gallery and an art hub in Brasov, where artists meet, exhibit or promote their art by means of art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and art classes.


MEDIA Partners

Zile si Nopti

Online magazine

2000 marks the year of the first edition of “ZILE SI NOPTI” in Brasov. After 20 years, “ZILE SI NOPTI” became a platform for sharing ways of spending your free time. It consists of the monthly issue (pop culture) magazine and the urban experiences website,


Because we believe in a life of exploring cultural and social adventures. “ZILE SI NOPTI” exists to inspire you, to bring forth a richer cultural life and to better know the city we live and have fun in. We are an independent guide, in both online and print media, we are the connection point, presenting you with our own experiences: we recommend our readers which movies are worth watching, which are the best places to go out in town, where and what to eat, things that you shouldn’t miss experimenting in the city you live in.

Currently, “ZILE SI NOPTI” comes out in print and online media in Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu, Oradea, Pitesti and Bistrita.



I decided to create a Facebook page through which to promote nice and creative people from Bucharest, artists, bands, clubs, innovative concepts, events.

For an easier search of events, create folders for each day. These can be found in the “Photos” category.
Also there, I created / will create separate folders for events that take place over several days.
In the “Videos” section you can see all the videos filmed over time at festivals, concerts.
In the “Events” section you can find some of the upcoming events.

BEcause we miss them so much...




We are building a stage in the heart of Romania. Turn up the volume and let your emotions run wild!

WHO AIDS our Vision?



Online forum

Mezomorf is a forum which crystallizes in many forms of educational means, art, Romanian culture and tourism, gathering people together in order to form a community whose members are ready to be the voice of next generations.
We also want to pave the way for an artistic lifestyle and organize competitions for developing skills. For us, it’s important to analyse the state of mind of the society and create content on self development. We analyse simple thoughts and opinions, but we also want to showcase mentors by organizing interviews with them, either video, audio or written, we want voices to be read and heard and we want artists to be properly represented.



If the city hall institution deals with building facades, we propose you interior rehabilitations through theater plays, contemporary dance, movies, workshops and concerts. Starting with April 2014, HomeFest brings art indoors, converting living rooms and bedrooms into entertainment stages, giving you a good opportunity to meet your neighbours in other places than the building hallway or at the market.HomeFest is culture for homes! HomeFest is a project initiated by Lorgean Theatre and co financed by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național (AFCN). HomeFest 2020 partners: Centrul Național al Dansului București, Decât o Revistă, Graphis 122, Make a Point,,, Sub25, Zeppelin.

Adriana Dumitrof

Music Reviewer

I love music, I’ve always had, and because of the lack of talent and for the sake of all my friends and family, I chose to live and feel it through the ones who are more talented than me.

That means I go to a lot of concerts,
and I took many friends with me who continuously asked me what is new, which led to “My concert diary”, a weekly newsletter where I share what happens around, music-related. From concerts to digital events, song/album releases, and podcasts, we have it all, every Wednesday, in your inbox.


Underground fan

Front stage view. Alternative trotter, professional bystander for
alternative performances. Underground fan.

Critic eyes over romanian alternative art performance. Also Be the EyeZ is an my underground support group. We laugh, we share, we keep our critic eye open. Stuff. So if you have an opinion, an event to share or a band to promote this is the place!

Who is implementing the platform?

WEb Development



Snipesoft is a Romanian company, founded in 2015 in Brasov. The core of the company is a team with a gathered experience of almost 30 years in IT / software development. The purpose and vision at Snipesoft is the development of software products which cover the requirements and good functioning of its clients and partners’s businesses.