Adam's Nest

Our band appeared in 2017 in Iași, first as an acoustic-experimental project with no high hopes. In April 2018, after our debut with the eponymous EP, the band started growing, recruiting new members, putting on our new shoes and was ready to make the giant leap to the main stage. Adam’s Nest consists of Răzvan Nicolae Rusu (vox & guitar), Vlad Alui Gheorghe (guitar & vox), Gabriel Belcescu (bass), Andrei Hâncu (drums).

What is HappenNing right now?


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Current Work

Currently we are working on our first album that was supposed to be out in May 2020, but because the world is ending, we have to wait for the next life…

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé


  • March – May – Phone calls, funny videos, memes online.
  • February – Last concert before the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • December – Started working on the first album and recorded it by January 2020
  • April – October – festivals: Awake, Rocanotherworld, Afterhills, Street Delivery (Iasi, Oradea, Bacau), Custom Festival. other concerts (pubs & small venues) – 14
  • March 2019 – Gained a drummer.



  • December – Gained a bass player.
  • June – November – played @ Filit Iasi, Rocanotherworld, Street delivery Iasi, Folkever, 9 pub concerts, 3 new songs recorded
  • April – First EP, called ‘Adam’s Nest’. It contains 4 songs, one live recorded at Sofar sounds Iasi.
  • February – First concert, @Underland, in the underground of the Cricova winery.
  • November – First appearance ever as a band @ Radio Guerrilla’s Nesemnatii.
  • October – First 2 songs home recorded – So far & That dress.
  • August – Razvan and Vlad met in Vlad’s small studio and started playing random chords and covers, whilst watching dumb Youtube clips.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



PhD candidate @UMF Iasi, assistant professor at the same university, sports person, European and world champion at different styles of martial arts, exquisite writer and altogether the human form of the quote ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’.


 PhD candidate @UAIC Iasi, faculty of letters, published poet, preparing his third poetry book. Loves to cook, and writes about movies, music and books for different magazines & websites.


Plays bass in The Stash & works as a sound engineer for the Romanian Opera in Iasi and at Studioul de Baza. More recently he became a paragliding enthusiast.


The owner of Studioul de Baza from Iasi & plays drums with The Stash & other a thousand projects, and it’s passionate about the esoteric field.

So, how do you like OUR work until now?


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