Alexu and The Voices Inside is an Indie Rock band from Brașov, Romania. Initially, the music project started as a ‘one-man-show’ with Alexu writing music and using looping pedals between 2016 – 2020. After the pandemic year, lots of things needed some reconsidering, therefore the band stated their first official announcement as a group at the beginning of 2021. Alongside Sergiu Crișan on drums, Cătălin Ciolan on bass guitar, Anca Cornelia Diaconu on piano, Bogdan Ioniță on electric guitar and Alexu Spătaru on vocals, acoustic guitar and looping. 

The band is expecting to release two live sessions recorded in winter and of course, eager to play live for good times ahead.

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Artistic Résumé


  • Back to the studio, recording a new album.
  • Featured in “Boulevard of Broken promises” performed by Barely Rebel. Music video was produced and filmed in Brasov, Romania (The city closest to our hearts.).


  • Playing at Pure Indie Records, Bucharest, where for the first time, I recorded the entire concert on tape. It will become available sometime in April 2020! Wink wink, stay tuned!
  • Brasov Deane’s Irish Pub concert
  • Concert at Gala Voluntarilor, 5th edition (Crucea Rosie Brasov)


  • Art in the Street festival, Cluj-Napoca
  • Concert in Rockstadt, Brasov 


  • Opening for the amazingly talented Jacob Lee, I was the supporting act in his sold out show, playing to a crowd of 500 people. Biggest show I ever had so far. I made sure I have the greatest time of my life. Best show so far.


  • Participating in C’ART FEST and TamTam festival, in Brasov
  • First concert in Rockstadt, Brasov
  • First appearance on Rock FM
  • Singing at a hospital from Cluj-Napoca, through “Terapie prin arta” project
  • Looping workshop held at Expirat in Bucharest
  • It was the most fruitful month so far, 9 concerts in a row


  • Concert in Ora0 Art Gallery (Brasov), with a new member, drums, Victor Stoica. Brilliant experience of playing with a mini band with the most experienced people I have worked with so far
  • Participation at “Munte-ma frumos” festival


  • Street Delivery Iasi, first public festival I participated in, 300-400 people audience
  • Rocanotheworld Iasi, Alexu and The Voices Inside concert, with guitar, mic and looping pedal


  • Spring of 2019 continues with a series of concerts in cities like Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca


  • First concert with a new addition to the Voices Inside project, Anca Diaconu, piano player


  • Premiere of “Forevermore” featuring Teodora Oprisi at Radio Guerilla
  • Launch concert at Expirat Halele Carol, airing on Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Tananana Bucharest


  • 7 feb 2019 “Everlearn” video is out, premiering at Radio Guerilla and Music Channel Romania, with a debut in Indie and Charts tops



  • Sofar Sounds Iasi, Alexu and The Voices Inside in concert
  • “Luminescence’” EP launch at Brasov, “Sala Teatrului” and “Arlechino”
  • “Luminescence” EP launch, Bucharest, Expirat Halele Carol
  • Radio Guerrilla Showcase, during “Nesemnatii” radio show, with Bogdan Serban
  • Sofar Sounds Bucharest, guitar, mic and looping pedal concert
  • “23 Minutes of Fame” EP launched in Brasov at Ora0 Gallery in November
  • Jazz in The Street Cluj-Napoca
  • Balcony TV Cluj-Napoca
  • “23 Minutes of Fame” EP launch at club Expirat, Bucharest, opening for The Veils
  • “23 Minutes of Fame” EP launch, Alexu and The Voices Inside Sounds Cluj-Napoca concert


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



Besides music, I simply like travelling, I honestly think it’s the only thing that makes you rich in this world. Luckily enough, I got the chance to travel around 54,450 km in 2019, visting countries like UK, UAE, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, Bali, and the United States.

So, how do you like my work until now?


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His passion for music can be easily distinguished from live performances, with all thoughts and inner voices are looped inside using the loop pedal. You might find some mellow songs during his shows, but please expect that he would also jump off stage any minute and invite you for a sing-a-long.