AnaMaria Bălan

My first encounter with painting was at the time any child was dreaming of shaping their ideal world by means of colours. Everything was left, though, in that pure and innocent state because I had to follow the classical path towards adolescence and my becoming an adult.

I had never paid so much attention to painting like I did in the beginning of 2018, when colour became my sheer shelter, haven and salvation and my only way to get in touch with the Universe. I lost myself and then I reencountered my true self, my whole self, now ready to take in any challenge. I gave up my job at that time, and I gave up anything that kept me at a “normal” pace. I decided to continue my pursuit that I had started many years before: 100 % towards self-discovery.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Pandemic 2020

Me, a wandering virus. I am walking around freely, because you let me and you allow it… You, human, you take me through thousands and thousands of places as if you have long been waiting for me. Yeees, you let me in your life and body as if your curiosity has grown larger than your conscience.
I see so much responsibility and fear! Paranoia and lack of culture are two extremes that make me laugh, but I keep on going, I feed upon you and I slowly take away any right to life that you may have, for you are so weak…Oh, I haven’t introduced myself, forgive me, Corona is my name. Corona Virus, that is!

My painting brush is the conductor of my pulse. And I feel, I live, I breathe, I exist, I am full of hope and I believe in love more than I believe in myself. My dreams dwell beneath his shirt and he protects them and encourages them. They come alive and at that point, I usually create dimensions…clumsily, until the end of times.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • “Femei care inspira” Campaign – March 7th
  • “hARTA descoperirii prin culoare” – January / March
  • Exhibition at Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov – “Cum iubeste cineva un tablou” – January



  • “Impreuna dam culoare sperantei” – December
  • “Inedithe” Event – November
  • Exhibition at Ora0 – “Vizita-n Univers” – June
  • Exhibition at the Royal Art Galley – Casino Sinaia – Inceput de poveste – March / April

"Steps Into Souls" Collection

Promise 🙏🏼 Ever since I was a child I have given this word an unnatural value. I may have not even known what it actually meant, but I could see it was large.

I don’t make promises, but when I assure you, I will turn the world upside down to respect my spoken word.
I don’t make promises, because you will cling to them, to me and the weight will smother me.
I don’t make promises, because you will blindly believe in them and you will think they make the air you breathe.

"Touch my Thoughs" Collection

We are entering the world where the need for two sould intertwining is essential to reach the Universe in all its forms. The connection between two minds can be so powerful that their worlds can contemplate the conquest of the universal darkness, transforming it into light and colour.

I find it incredible that the way I cling to you, you cling to me. My conscience is just irrelevant when every trace of your skin and cell of your mind embrace me like a veil. It is neither quiet, nor chaos…there is just leaning. On each other.


Wait for me so that we can become one into eternity, one as a whole of ideals. Love remains the most important purpose and meaning for me, constantly aiming for evolution in two. As a mere mortal you are always searching for perfection and self satisfaction. But are you in love with yourself? Are you happy? Only if you are can you then give back to the soul next to you, only like this can you understand what it means to be in two. Two of a mind, sealed into one.

In a noisy atmosphere, I can feel I can simply rip out everything from inside of me! To instantly „the everything” into a painted sound, spoken graphics or sung colour. Stop. Logics tell me that this association is impossible, but my soul tells me that only when you decide to see beyond the limits, can you reach the state of „anything is possible”. Actually, many times, the mind turns our not be logic at all, rambling ceaselessly meaningless ideas…so? Does it really matter who you’re listening to?


A lot of noise. Staring, stiff. Thoughts that fly around randomly, proving to you that they have a power greater than anyone and anything. They are many, unmeasured and limitless. Sometimes they don’t even find their way and they just invade your being. All of them. I let them just do their thing for 45 minutes. I closed my eyes and I tried to coordinate them. I almost managed it…until the frequency and the power of the sound from within would change. Reset. I did this over and over again. I could feel my heart, but not my head, and I could still hear my thoughts.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


EVent Decorations

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.

Beautiful memories created daily

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Don’t let life become a dull ritual. Let there be inexplicable moments, let there be mystery, things where reason cannot interfere. Be wild, do crazy things and then sense will be possible. He who is 100% sane is a dead man.

I will let myself led. Towards craziness or art. I tend to believe there is a bridge between them. Art absorbs, the ego disappears. I forget about myself! I can feel the inner brightness and I feel brave!