Anamaria Guguian

Dancer. Facilitator. Founder I Dance You.

My experience of working with the body has helped me to understand that through it we express who we are, our desires and needs, our inner feelings.

Communication between people often takes place beyond words, in a realm of emotions that is difficult to express verbally. And dance is the “voice” of the body, another way of communicating – sincerely, freely, with confidence. By dancing, you get to know yourself, connect with others, laugh, cry, you just are, here and now. You can say unspoken words and live unexpected emotions.

What is HappenNing right now?

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About Me

I love to dance, to express with my own body. I have experimented with social dances, martial arts, contact improvisation, contemporary dance and dance therapy. I am always looking for new dances and in this search I found my own dance, in which I am honest with myself, with my emotions and my body. I’ve been dancing intensively since 2012, I participate in Erasmus trainings, dance workshops and festivals around the world
Being Creative
I have 100 ideas per minute. I like to invent, to make associations, but also to act to manifest them. I create present moments. Whether I'm a performer in a show, choreographer in another, or organizing workshops of creative movement, I focus on Here and Now. I am guiding you to experiment together what is already, but waiting to be discovered.
Everything I do would not make sense to me if I did not share it with others. That's how I feel. Shortly after I started dancing, I chose to be a facilitator. I create contexts in which people become curious and express themselves freely. I work with children and adults from very different backgrounds, learn and develop as a human and as an artist with them and from every workshop experience.

Current Work

Creative Movement for Children Workshops

During the lockdown I focused on how I can be useful to the community. Being a stressful and anxiety filled period I felt I could come in help by creating on-line projects were people were connecting threw dance and creative projects.

This is how the Creative Movement for Children Workshops were born, were I play on-line with children using movement based exercises. It’s a great way for them to consume their energy and play with their imagination. I have also created a series of dance workshops for children and adults so they get inspired to keep moving in these static days.

adults dance workshops

Another project that I’m working on is the Adults Dance Workshops, a mix between contemporary dance, dance therapy and nature-based practices where I encourage people to reconnect with their human nature and remember how strong, capable and beautiful they are.

This past two months I’ve created a series of connected dances on-line where I invited people from the community to share a small video-dance and then connected them into a bigger dance so we could still feel that we are part of a hole, that is not disappearing because of the lockdown but it’s becoming more important than ever. I’ve been also creating small dances in my house.

Performing during the Pandemic

I am currently working on a socially distant but emotionally close performance together with two inspiring artists were we discuss about what happened to us during this lockdown, what were the downfalls and what were the positive aspects of it. We are three artists coming from different areas of expression with different backgrounds and different ways of dealing with our emotional lives. How did our bodies, mind and hearts experience this? How do we feel now when we can go out but we can’t get back to our life as it used to be? And finally, where do we go from here? Which remains an open question for all of us to dwell on.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • Atteneded introduction in Dance Therapy with Dr. Richard Coaten, Bucharest
  • Facilitating dance workshops for adults since 2015
  • Founded I Dance You Collective, dance company in Brașov formed by a local community of people passionate about contemporary dance since 2017
  • Creative movement workshops for children at Heidi Academy and Primary School Waldorf Sophia , Brașov, since 2017
  • Singing and dancing workshops with Petra Acker since 2017



  • Coreography for Meravillosa Creatura
  • Attened TAM TAM Festival, Brasov
  • Attended Perform(d)ance – Contemporary Dance Days in Brașov
  • Attended “Move Fest”, Contemporary Dance Festival, Kosice, Slovakia
  • Performer “Simple pleasures”, choreography by Cosmin Manolescu
  • Performer “What keeps us together”, I Dance You Collective

Meravillosa Creatura’s trailer, a performance created last summer, a fantasy motion about the creature that resides in each and every one of us.

  • Performer and choreography for “Blossomed Almond Trees”
  • Performer and choreography:  “Birds”, on going performance
  • Performer and choreography “What keeps us together”
  • Attended Perform(d)ance – Contemporary Dance Days in Brașov with “Blossomed Almond Trees”, I Dance You Collective
  • Performer “Live Poetry”, Museums Night
  • Performer  “Be Happy”, performance choreography by Cosmin Manolescu, ICON Arts

The trailer for The Blossomed Almond Trees, a performance for which we received the prize for The Best Dance Performance of The Year in 2018 at the Cultural Awards in Brasov.


2012 - 2017

  • Performer “Clouds of Peace”, a piece by Sasha Dodo, 2017
  • Performer  “Eminescu Did Not Existed”, 2017
  • Performer “Dance Box”, dancing instalation, 2015
  • Performer “Tribute to Yves Klein”, 2012
  • Guided workshop at “Waha Festival“, Transilvania, 2016 – 2019; Revolution Fest, Timișoara 2017
  • Attended dance workshops with: Bernd Knappe, Sasha Dodo, Virginia Negru, Elisa Ghion, Scott Wells, Stephen Batts, Uma Maraval, Cosmin Manolescu
  • Training courses: “Nature based Psychotherapy & Embodiment”, Poland, Erasmus+ Training Program
  • “Get in Touch”, Contact Improvisation Training, Slovakia, Erasmus+ Training Program, “Create your Place”, Dance & Sculpture, France, Erasmus+ Training Program
  • Attended different festivals: Move Fest, Kosice, 2019, Contact Bucharest Festival 2017, 2018, ICON Arts 2015, 2018, CAMP – Contemporary Dance Festival, 2018, In Touch Contact Improvisation Festival, Berlin, 2017, International Dance Week Budapest, 2016

Thrilling experiences

This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


A SimpLE Life

When I don’t dance and teach I like to live my calm and simple life. I love being in nature, taking care of my small garden, cooking, reading and having moments of not doing anything.

So, how do you like MY work until now?


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I Dance You

The roles described above became part of my life, and in order to express them I created the I Dance You project. It’s a soul project that aims to bring together people passionate about dancing, with the desire for artistic expression and growth. I Dance You has been a growing local community since 2016. We meet and become closer through creative movement workshops, the performances we create, or the cultural and social events we organize.

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