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Arkanum Games is a real fantasy story! In 2019 I’ve taken the decision that I will never get hired again in my life and that I will follow my destiny as a visual artist, creator of fantastic ideas and game crafter.

Arkanum Games was born in this turmoil of self finding. I’ve created a few card games before that are waiting paciently for me to take them out on the market. Meanwhile, I’ve miracously took contact with an ancient game, The Royal Game of Ur, of which I’ve grown suddently passionate. Thus so, I’ve crafted one for myself, because the ones found on the internet seemed low quality, with  graphics and realisation which suggested mass production and were lacking the attention on details one has to offer to a more than 5000 year old game. My friends and intimates were very excited to see and play this game. I thought to my self I want to produce it and mix the machine craft with my attention and my talent for manual painting. This is how this game came to life.

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STARting a Small Games Company

I’ve set up some models, of which characteristics will instantly take your mind and soul in that eternal state of playing, independent by time. How to reenact  a game that people played 5000 years ago and bring it to 2020? Well… with a few sleepless nights, a lot of reading, a lot of successfull and unsuccesfull experiments with materials, with some money thrown out of the window, strong support of the loved ones and the pure joy of making a cultural object.

What about the Road to Success?

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Launching "The Royal Game of Ur"

The game is conceived with a double concept: firstly, that the player will have acces to a millenary science, and secondly, that he will have a piece of art on his wall. All that is needed is a nail and a hammer, in order to enjoy the refined beauty of shape, color and of th wood. The rest is a dream…

Each time when I contemplate the board, hung on the wall, I immerse myself in a meaningful world and I imagine those people that were once playig it in their cities with clay houses, in the middle of  the deserts. And then, the history opens a door and allows me to see into our own past. The past of the human thinking.

Arkanum Games is not a bussiness, but a spiritual path I have chosen to walk on. More ancient games will follow up and then there will be the games imagined by myself. But, this is a story that we will unfold together as the time freezes eternly, encapsulated in this wooden pieces.


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