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We are an independent, experimental and immersive arts company. Founded in 2018 by actress/director Iza-Florina Porumbu, the company is now introducing performative and engaging art in diverse domains such as tourism, education and self-development training. Our productions include: „Dracula and his terrifying family”, „Male Cabaret Show”, and „Bilingual Acting Courses”. Artiz Theatre Company began its journey with the collaborative curiosity of bringing life into medieval touristic attractions such as Bran Castle or the City Center of Brasov. As the founder of Artiz, I believe that art plays an important role in human development. I have always been in a continuous search of artistic knowledge, therefore I have been part of many courses and trainings such as: Bachelors of Arts Degree, Theatre and Performance Practice – London Metropolitan University, Bilingual Method Acting Workshops – Paris, Performer&Workshop leader, Arezzo Theatre Festival – Italy.

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Current Work

Bilingual acting course

Our work in 2020 started off with new projects. „Bilingual Acting Course” and „Bilingual Acting Weekend Getaway” are practical journeys through multicultural theatrical methods, exercises and games. The teaching method is interactive, dynamic and experimental. Our mission is to guide you to your inner artist through self-development and self-knowledge techniques in order to achieve competences and abilities such as public speaking, problem-solving through creativity, self confidence, acting skills and many more.

Dracula events

„Dracula events” includes performative tours of touristic attractions, interractive dinners, and thrilling treasure hunts. The activities are inspired from my 10 years of practical learning of theatrical arts, starting from theatre practitioners I have met, acting/directing workshops, theatre festivals and the courses during my Batchelors of Arts Degree.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • The opening of the „Bilingual Acting Course”
  • Launching the first „Bilingual Acting Weekend Getaway”
  • Performative tours of Brasov „Meet Dracula and his terrifying family” an Airbnb experience



  • „Male Cabaret” an immersive and exciting dance show with male-only performers.
  • Obtaining and signing our first contract of collaboration with Bran Castle for our „Dracula – performative tours”which led to many performances in the Castle.
  • Our first „Dracula – immersive dinner for tourists” contract with Paloma Tours in a royal location, Ghica Palace
  • 2 „full-time” actors signed a contract and officially joined the team, Cristian Ceapraz and Roxana Săndiță
  • Performing at the biggest Halloween event in Romania, „Halloween at Bran Castle
  • Signing a contract of collaboration with a national website Experience a city tour with Dracula
  • After 6 months of rehearsals, script writing, medieval costume designing and business meetings, Artiz Theatre Company launched with the project „Dracula” for the biggest Halloween event in Romania at Bran Castle. The aim of the performance was to bring life to the Castle, by interacting with the audience, with characters such as: Dracula, Katharina – his mistress, The Count’s Mother, The Torturer, Radu the Handsome – his brother and The Bloody Doctor.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Busy life

When we are not performing, running workshops and courses or developing new ideas, we like to attend cultural events together, travel the world, participate in international projects, experience new and exciting events. Personally, I am a passionate about foreign languages and I am currently studying Italian and Portuguese.

So, how do you like our work until now?


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Dorottya Tisza
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I really enjoyed the acting course, thanks to the talented and incredible actors and workshop leader! I’d definitely recommend the company 😊
Ana Maria Andrei
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Talented and highly professional staff. I recommend it for an enchanting experience.