Going by the stage name Audioframes (Codrut-Calin Breaz), I am a techno DJ and music producer, born in 1986 in Brasov. When it comes to music, I was self thought until started studying jazz and pop music at the National University of Music in Bucharest.


At about 16 years old, I started working in the music industry. Although fascinated by electronic music from a young age (10-12 years old), I got into techno music in my mid 20`s. From here I took a big step into the electronic stage. DJ booth and music production was somehow a natural development in my career.

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My father was a guitar player and my mom is a retired ballerina. I could not stay away from rhythm and first connected with a drum set at the age of 7. Developing great skills at playing tis instrument, at the age of 14 I was playing the drums professionally. 

In 2012, together with two of my band mates and also friends, we started a live techno project named Kodeera. For three years, the time that this project lasted, we had 4 releases with our small independent label “Random Pulse Records” and one release with the well known Reload Records. We also featured on several techno compilations.

Kodeera shared the stage with famous names of the techno scene such as: Sasha Carassi, Marc Houle, Sinisa Tamamovic, Mladen Tomic, Stiv Hey, Sudo, Egbert, Carlo Ruetz, Carlo Lio, Bart Skils, Enrico Sangiuliano, Mind Against, Sam Paganini, Cristian Varela.

After three years of working together Kodeera fell apart and Audioframes came to life.

Everything that touches my life has an influence on me in one way or another. I just have to use my musical voice to point it out to the world.


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There are few times when I am not involved in music related stuff but I do mix my life with quality time alongside people that are close to me.

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My passion for techno music gives means of expressing myself, to construct and deconstruct rhythms, sets, records and to get in touch with my emotions and connect with the outside world.