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I am Claudiu Fălămaș (a.k.a. Charlie or Fălă), an independent artist from Sibiu, Romania. I’ve been walking around here and there for 10-12 years now, to find my place in this world full of wonders and adventures. I compose music, act, write texts, sing, dance, perform and express myself in any number of ways. I like being on stage, in the spotlight, in front of the people. For me, it is a kind of healing. And I believe for the public also.

I should mention that I am originally an actor; graduated the Sibiu theater school, and always flirted with music. In the meantime, music became a main ingredient in my performances. Along the years, I’ve been collaborating with different Romanian and foreign artists. I’ve worked with Ada Milea in several shows, with director Alexandru Dabija, Bobo Burlăcianu, Diego Aramburo (a Bolivian director), Silviu Purcărete, Bogdan Sărătean and many others.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work


Consists of two projects, with “BIS Teatru” team. In „Poezia de la 9 seara” (9PM Poetry), every evening during the pandemic, an actor from the team recites/interprets a poem of choice. In „Basme de pe planeta albastră” (Fairy tales from the blue planet) someone from the team reads a story/fairy tale every weekend.


Every Monday, a band member (from “Suburbia 11” Band) proposes a music theme or idea and challenges a different band member to continue along the line. This goes on until all the members have taken up the challenge. On Fridays we compose a song with what came out. Currently we’re at two songs, we have been doing it for only two weeks.

Cobbled Lyrics

Besides the activities I’ve mentioned, I also post songs on my Youtube channel, usually on a weekly basis, songs created with the lyrics of famous poets or my own. I imagine every song as a story told in images, a short 3-4 minute movie scene (black & white), made with my smartphone/laptop/loop station. I played a bit with the concept and it came out really interesting so far.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • March 21st – „Hermann Visază”. Composed music and had live performances. (TEATRUL GONG)
  • January 17th– „MĂZĂREL”. Composed music with Dan Țilea. (TEATRUL GONG)



  • In the spring of 2019, I became the singer of Suburbia11 band from Sibiu. We’ve had over 50 concerts in Romania  and abroad, in a single year.
  • February 22nd – „Ierusalim”. Composed the music for the show, together with Dan Țilea. Regia: Bogdan Sărătean. (TNRS). More info here.
  • September 15th – #projectfood directed by Robert Bălan. Music composing, together with Dan Țilea. (TEATRUL GONG)
  • October 6th – „CTRL+ALT+DEL” – one man show. Poetry-music performance. (BIS TEATRU)
  • I’ve participated at “Vocea României” TV show where I’ve reached the “knock-out” phase.



  • October 8th – „Scufița roșie” (Red Riding Hood). Role: the wolf. Directed by: Diego Aramburo. Music: Bobo Burlăcianu.
  • November 6th – „Povestea chitarei”. Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean. Role: Jimmy, the street singer. (BIS TEATRU)
  • November 30th – „Apolodor în Deutch”. Live performance. Music: Ada Milea. (TEATRUL GONG)
  • October 2nd – „Cel mai mare Gulliver”. Directed by: Alexandru Dabija. Music: Ada Milea. (TEATRUL GONG)
  • April 17th – „Clandestino”. Screenplay inspired from the first chapter of ”O istorie a lumii în 10 capitole si jumate” by Julian Barnes. (BIS TEATRU)



  • November 6th – „Trenul cu 2 locomotive”. Poetry-music performance. Screenplay and music created by me, by the texts of Iustin Panța (BIS TEATRU). More info here.
  • October 17th – „Alice”. Directed by: Eugen Jebeleanu. I was CHESTER, the cat. (TEATRUL GONG)
  • December 1st – „Născut în 90”. Directing: Bogdan Sărătean (BIS TEATRU). More info here.
  • September 10th – “Romeo and Juliet” at Teatralny Koufar Festival in Minsk, Belarus; won the prize for Best actor in a secondary role (Father LORENZO).
  • May 7th – BEAT BUKOWSKI performence premiere, concept designed entirely by me, poems from the volume “Love is a dog from Hell” by Charles Bukowski serving as inspiration. (BIS TEATRU)


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Busy life

In 2010 I became a member of “BIS Teatru” team (an independent theater from Sibiu) and ever since, we work together on different cultural projects which we  organize annually in Sibiu: “25 de ore de teatru non-stop” festival (25 hour of non-stop theater festival) and “Teatrul din Cartier” (Neighborhood theater). Also other representations and performances are ongoing: “Născut în 90”, “Clandestino”, “Beat Bukowski”, “Trenul cu 2 locomotive”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del”, “Caelum Meditatio” or concerts throughout the year, held in more or less conventional spaces in the city.

Currently, I also compose music for theater performances and have an ongoing collaboration with “Teatrul Gong” from Sibiu.

So, how do you like MY work until now?


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