I like to feast my eyes. I like colour. I like to document. I like to help. Art is the best way to recharge and being able to create something beautiful brings a multitude of positive feelings all in one. It’s priceless. It heals you.

As an introvert, I preferred expressing myself through my work, starting with drawing all day long as a child, then writing and journaling and finally, taking up photography during college.

Events aside, one of my main themes is finding peace. I use my pictures to calm the voices inside of me and brighten every day. Photography thus becomes the best exercise in seeing the good in every situation and staying curious.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work

God is in the details’ is my latest collection, but I am working in parallel on both of my known creative fronts. I am discussing a brand-new exhibition theme, have one more photo project in the works and many shots that wait to be seen.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • My first solo exhibition, ‘God is in the details’, Ceainaria Zuze, Brasov, where my friend Dena was so kind to invite me to exhibit at this sweet tea house & was my curator.



  • August: As part of the charity initiative in August, I also had the occasion to exhibit some of the pictures at the Eis Kalt ice cream shop in the Brasov city centre.
  • June: I participated at two art sales, where I also brought along some never before seen prints, at Ora0 Hive (La Stup), Brasov 

  • February: Group exhibition with my friend Edina Stoica, my first real photo exhibition – ‘Culorile pasiunii’ (The colours of passion) @ Ora0, Brasov. 

  • We had paintings & photography exhibited for the first time together officially.

  • Finalist at the Think Creative corporate photo contest in 2017 and 2nd place at the auctioned sums for photo prints. My picture of the lions got in the final and I thus got the honor to be exhibited in Bucharest at the UNA Galeria (gallery of the University of Arts). To make the moment even more special, the ad-hoc auction ended with my print getting the 2nd highest bidding price, amount donated for S.O.S Satele Copiilor.

  • Living book at the Unifest event: I was a living book (carte vie) at Unifest 2015 and talk to students about my experience with photography and following my passions.
  • 2013-2017: Concert & event phototography for several music- and event-dedicated sites – Breakbeat Romania, BroNews, Hiphoplive and Underkron.
  • I got shared, reposted and even complimented on my shots by some of the artists I admire! Over time, I am happy to say that I got to shoot most of my favourite Romanian artists. All of my press and online features can be found here.



  • September 2011: Official photographer of Romanian Music Awards : I was a photographer for the organizer, Music Channel. This meant receiving a staff pass – access on stage at rehearsals, access to shoot the red carpet and seating in the journalist lodge. It was a long & tough 12 hours but I am grateful for the experience. Photographing the artists on the red carpet especially was surreal.

  • In July 2011, I got my first quality-build lens for my birthday. The first concert I photographed with it was by Loredana Groza, just 2 days after getting the lens – Indoor pictures taken with a mostly outdoor lens. BUT what happened? I posted the pics on her page and she shared my album for everyone to see! She liked them and it meant a lot to me as I admire her very much – This was my first acknowledgement.
  • 2009: I got my first DSLR (with a kit lens) and started experimenting and adjusting to its manual settings.
  • 2008: Took up photography as a means to get over a breakup and go out more ;)) I got a superzoom bridge camera (Fujifilm s5700) and used nature, urban and architectural details as my first subjects.

This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



Lately, photography is not my only lucrative hobby anymore: Last year, I picked up Dj-ing and asked myself why I hadn’t done this earlier as I am a big music fan. You can find my Dj page here!

So far, I have played at Coresi Business Park, Ora0, Black Bird bar Codlea and private parties for friends. I love many genres, but electronic music is the closest to my heart. I am working on bringing surprises on this front as well.In August 2020, I won a music curating contest held by Magnolia mall Brasov.

Travel, music festivals & food

My favorite way to recharge is by traveling and attending music festivals and concerts.  I warmly recommend Mad Cool in Madrid and Nos Alive in Lisbon. Also, I am a big foodie and would recommend the Turkish and Arab cuisine to anyone ! Also look out for the Sicilian cuisine! 

Photojournalism & Friends

Time got short, but I love to feel like helping and giving back. If I believed in a project or event and had a little time, I would voluntarily take a few pictures to help spread awareness about it. Over the last period, this got on my back burner, but instead I now strive to be a client of the small initiatives like buying gifts for friends from local businesses and encourage everyone to do the same!

Meeting new people who have inspired me and been of great support has been one of the sweet perks of my hobby.

One of my longstanding collaborations is with George Pandrea, whom I met in 2016 through my former school colleague Tania (Yarra) – I took the first pictures of their Mezzin project and later got to photograph all of George’s projects – Tertip, Biofilm and his solo project.

So, how do you like my work until now?


One of the red carpet pictures that I took got to be published in online articles by The One, Pro Tv Moldova,

To this day, this is still one of my dearest shots, as I know exactly what limitations I had then – no external flash and a lens that got me too close to the subjects, but I used this to my advantage. I am glad that the only light available was filming light from someone else’s camera, as flashes are more cold, harsh and unpredictable.