My name is Denis Şerban Cernat (Dena) and I am a 30 year old visual artist from Brasov, who paints and draws from the age of 5, educating myself daily and trying to learn more about this amazing field. During high school, university and master’s studies, I carried out various works in pencil, watercolor, oil and acrylic for friends, relatives or acquaintances who appreciate my talent and want an original artwork. Although without art studies, I’ve always been concerned with sharpening my talent and techniques so I began experimenting with various art styles and techniques, drawing and painting on any surface: paper, wood, glass, canvas, textiles, human body, metal, walls. I was and still am using various materials available: stones, pieces of wood and glass, feathers, beads, household materials, textile materials, napkins, food, spices. I have attended several workshops and I am permanently consulting with other artists and teachers from this area in order to improve my talent and skills, while also studying on my own.

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Current Work

I am constantly working on new collections, on special orders, workshops or classes. Moreover, in the following months I will have new artistic events planned: an online art exhibiton in the USA, a live exhibition in Portugal at Museo Quinta da Cruz, an online exhibition at Cluj Art Gallery in Cluj Napoca Romania, a textile painting workshop at Ora0 art gallery, children and teenagers art classes, adult art classes etc. 

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Over time I found my favorite style: painting in acrylic, with knives and fingers, and surrealism painting, but, at the request of different people, clients or acquaintances, I still do paintings in other styles or techniques, on special orders.  I am many things: very passionate about cubism and geometric painting; I am teaching art classes and workshops at Orao Art Gallery in Brasov, and also collaborating with various organizations, schools or education centers in Brasov, while having various exhibitions in the country and online abroad.

With more than 600 works carried out on different media, in different techniques and with different materials, I work almost daily at something new, innovative.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • Group exhibition, Illusion, Galeria de Artă EPICENTRU, Constanta
  • Group exhibition, Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor 2020, Rope Street Museum, Brasov
  • Group exhibition online, ABSURD Mail art, Mick Boyle collection, Conneaut Lake, PA, U.S.A.
  • Group exhibition, #LUZ_CAMARA_ACAO- Mail Art, Museo Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal
  • Solo exhibition, Magazin de artă DAO, Stefan cel Mare, Bucuresti.
  • Solo exhibiton online, Surreal worlds, Cluj Art Gallery, Cluj Napoca
  • Group exhibition and live group painting, TAM TAM Frstival 2020, Brasov
  • Solo exhibition, Move with me, Forma Hair Saloon, Brasov
  • Solo exhibition, Miracle of life, Tekafe, Brasov
  • Solo exhibition, Surreal Dreams, La Stup/ Ora0 Hive, Brasov
  • Solo exhibition, TOUCH, Ora0 Art Gallery, Brasov
  • Group exhibition, Arts and Books – organized by the Cantacuzino Castle Art Gallery in Bușteni, Prahova county.
  • Became an official member of the Artist Spotlight International group.
  • Solo exhibition- Feline Feelings, Rope street Museum, Brașov.
  • Combined arts course, organized by the PECA Association, Bucharest



  • Solo exhibition Lost in Neverland – Bredicenilor House (Home of Lucian Blaga), organized by the Lugoj City Library, Lugoj, Timiș county.
  • Solo exhibition – Soul Escape in Neverland – Club Rockstadt, Brașov. 
  • Solo exhibition Soul Escape – The council Tower in Sibiu, Sibiu county. Organized by the Culture House of Sibiu city. 
  • Painting workshops at the Libris Book fair 2019, Transilvania University Aula, Brasov.
  • Solo exhibition and live painting, with visual artist Luca Flaminia – at Strada Dell’ Arte Festival 2019.
  • Group exhibition, with visual artists Luca Flaminia – Twisted Bliss – Ora0 Art Gallery, Brașov.
  • Group exhibition, with visual artists Luca Flaminia – Twisted Bliss – Club Rockstadt, Brașov.
  • Group charity exhibition – Neverland și A Winter Fairytale – in The HeArt Room of the Rope street Museum, Brașov.
  • Painting workshops at the International Book and Music Festival organized by Libris in the council square in Brașov.
  • Group charity exhibition – Lost in Neverland,  in The HeArt Room of the Rope street Museum, Brașov.
  • Group exhibition The colors of emotions – with writer and painter Tony Mott (Antoneta Galeș), at ZUZE teahouse in Brașov.
  • Group charity exhibition -in The HeArt Room of the Rope street Museum, Brașov.
  • Solo exhibition- Chromatics of the Mind, at Reduta Cultural Centre Brașov.
  • Solo exhibition – Cyclicity 2018 and Geometry of the Soul 2019 – Spiru Haret University, Brașov
  • Solo exhibition – Neverland and Neverland for children – Ora0 Art Gallery, Brașov.
  • Solo exhibition – Neverland for children – organized by the Red Cross at Speedy Green, Brașov.
  • Solo charity exhibition – Club Rockstadt, Brașov (several works made during the years were donated for charity purposes).
  • Solo exhibition – The universe within me – Speedy Green, Brașov.
  • Solo exhibition- Lost in Eden – Ora0 Art Gallery, Brașov.
  • Graffiti and street art Workshop with prof. Timo Paris, from Switzerland, at Ora0 Art Gallery, Brasov.
  • DegustARTA – wine tasting and exhibition organized by CRICOVA România – also a live painting session with visual artist Getty Tatomir.
  • Solo charity exhibition- (during the charity Christmas fair) – A Winter Fairytale – organized by Beard Brothers Brașov, at Reduta Cultural Centre, Brașov.


2015 - 2017

  • Classes and workshops for children, teenagers and adults (Projects are still ongoing): drawing and painting, napkin technique, mixed media, textile painting, etc. for different institutions and organizations:  Academia Heidi Brașov, Creative Art Brașov, Teen Art- private art school in Brașov, Ora0 Art Gallery in Brașov, The House with smiles- Red Cross educational centre etc.
  • Elementary school no. 13  Group exhibition – A white winter – at Casa Băiulescu Brașov.
  • Manga drawing course at Musashino Centre Brașov.
  • Over 600 (until now) different art works made, sketches, tattoo draws, paintings, murals, textile paintings, different customized orders, furniture paintings, etc.

2004 - 2017

This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


music events

Since I was a young girl, I was always fascinated by music, music festivals and concerts. I used to organize cultural events and even nowadays continue to do this. I love to meet new people and travel, while of course, seeing new bands and participating at different metal concerts or fests. Made lot of friends from the international and national music scene and I am very grateful for this, being happy each and every time we re-meet and spend time together. The music world feels like home for me.


Huge fan of W3 4R3 NUM83R5 – metalcore band from Brasov (my boyfriend is the founder and one of the guitar players), so I join them on tours and gigs in order to help, being part of the technical crew and lately being their own personal photographer. Moreover, I love to playing bass guitar and want to start a band as soon as possible. I have a lovely blue Ibanez 4 string guitar called Kat (a present from my friends) and I always try to learn new stuff whenever I have the time to do so.

Spare Time

I am passionate with photography and I started playing with a new camera at concerts and other social and cultural events. I’m feeling relaxed while taking shots, exactly like I do when I’m painting. Surprising people in different moments shows their wonderful and expressive emotions and feelings and this is really rewarding. I am discovering new hobbies and creative activities almost daily because I try to evolve as an individual and as a professional, combining different activities and arts in my life.

So, how do you like my work until now?


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