We encourage you to reach out to the artists on the platform for any question you might have. Check out the suggestions below.
Unravel the art your heart desires but you don't know yet.
“There is something deeply satisfying in shaping something with your hands.” - Patrick Rothfuss



Check out all the handmade items created by talented artisans and choose the ideal gift for your friends, family, colleagues or even yourself.

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Attend a pottery class and learn how to design a piece that will perfectly match your home.

A touch of vision

Do you have a keen eye for sculptures and feel creative? Have someone bring your vision to life and make it your own.

Wearable art

Want to break the pattern by wearing original, unique collections / pieces of clothing? Check out the fashion visionaries on the platform and their creations.


For a head-turning outfit, accessorize with a statement necklace or urban, innovative rings or other modern jewelry.

Love testimony

Create your own engagement or wedding rings with the most beautiful words of love inscribed.

“I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet.” – Beethoven


A variety of events

Find the best artist/band for your corporate party, public, private or charity event. Browse through the musicians on the platform and pick your favorite.



Are you a music festival organizer? Why not book some of the musical talents you`ll find here?


How about learning to play guitar this year? There are plenty of artists who can help you master a musical instrument of your choice.

Talent hunting

Launching a new product and you need your commercial to be catchy? You might find an artist or a band to help you with the perfect jingle.


Thinking of making someone feel special? Offering signed CDs or Soundcards to your loved ones or to your hardworking employees, is the best idea to show them how much you care.

"Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis of Assisi



How about you try something different this team-building? Acting is the art of discovering new ways of thinking, rewiring your inner structures, and strengthening team bonds. All done through playing, creating and engaging in fun activities. Ask the theater performers for more details.



5, 6, 7, 8! Learn how to dance the night away by taking part in one of the dance courses available on the platform. Get in touch with the performers and surprise your significant other with the chemistry of tandem dancing. ​


Raise the curtain and let your talent emerge! Come join one of the theatre classes provided by the performers on the platform.

Live role playing

You have the venue, the idea, but you still need that “je ne sais quoi” to make your event memorable? Book live, role playing actors, who will surely animate the “stage”.

Surprise dinner

Guess who`s coming to dinner? It can be one of the many fantastic characters brought to life by the most talented artists. Get in touch now with the performers!​


Scared to speak in public? Let your inhibitions go and attend an improvisation class. Make new friends and learn the art of being yourself.

Tours with a twist

Dracula`s family is all dressed up and ready to show you and your guests around town. Why not have an interactive, fun and fantastic tour of medieval Brasov?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Visual Creators

A touch of vision

Charm your eyes with the beautiful works of art created by the great artists hosted on the platform and reward yourself with the one that makes your soul vibrate. Better yet, be bold and commission your own artwork!

Seized moments

Personalized albums with your favorite moments of you and your loved ones will be one of the most appreciated gifts. Don’t let your teambuilding joyful moments slip away and transform those funny snapshots of you and your colleagues into an album, which everyone in the office can enjoy!

Photo shooting

How about booking a conceptual artistic photo shooting? Whether in a studio, a gallery, or outdoors, breathing in nature, you will certainly find the photographer who best captures your emotions!


Tired of classical photos? How about a funny portrait/sketch instead? Even if it`s a teambuilding surprise for your team or an unconventional gift for your loved ones, you will have a laugh.

Wearable art

Personalized artwork? Paint your ideas on clothing or accessories and make them shine on you!


Always knew creativity is your superpower? Transform your idea into a comic book! Think how great this would be as a gift!


Grow your passion for art and become a student in one of the painting or photography classes taught by one of the fantastic visual creators.


Have the best photographers at your corporate, personal, or public event, so that people who didn`t have a chance to come, make sure they won`t miss the next one.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou


other worlds

Emerge into the realm of fictional universes that the writers on the platform imagined for you!


Reading never gets old! Offer signed books as gifts to your colleagues and let them experience the pursuit of the narrative!


You can even pop a question about classes aimed at teaching different types of writing, such as content or creative writing, copywriting and many others.