I’m a music producer from Romania. I like writing beat driven songs, mainly hip-hop and downtempo but also deep house. I enjoy playing with melodies in my songs. Nostalgia and dreamy vibes are my trademarks 💙 Aside this project I am also involved in several others, as a main producer: Mezzin (deep house), Tertip (future RnB) and Biofilm (poetry performance), and also write music for commercials, theater plays and others artists.

What is HappenNing right now?


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My latest song, “It’s like… u know”, is one I did alongside SARAH, a talented singer from Bucharest. You can find it on all music streaming services.
Currently I am working on another hiphop/downtempo song, with a surprise vocalist, also from Brașov.
What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • On February the 20th, I released my third featured song alongside Vali Umbră. The song is called “Autostrada Soarelui” and can be found on all music streaming platforms. The song was also picked by Radio Guerrilla, for their weekly rotation.
  • On the 11th of February, I had my second gig (online) , hosted this time by the nice guys from Fixelli.
  • In January I released „Survive”, another lofi, downtempo track, a more instrumental one, this time. As on „Circles”, I collaborated with Darius Anton, a pixel art artist from Brasov, for the art cover.



  • On the New Year’s eve I had the opportunity to play my first ever gig, with my own songs only. It was an event organized by Fine Sounds, and it featured many other artists and musicians form the local scene of Brasov.
  • On December, the 25th, I released a new Ep of beats and poetry, called “Aici, la noi”. It consists of five tracks, and on each of them I collaborated with another poet/actor. The songs have a nostalgic, mellow vibe, the same one that you can find on many of my other songs.
  • Released “Circles”, a lofi hip-hop track, together with Georgi Năstase, former lead singer for Midnight Buzz.
  • In October, together with Vali Umbră, we put out DPNDNT, our second track together.
  • Played a set with Biofilm (my poetry and dance project), at the Amural Festival in Brasov.
  • Together with six other artists (poets, actors, choreographers and film makers) I worked on a project about the different aspects of isolation (caused by the Covid pandemic) for the Romanian Institute of Culture from Brussels.
  • Played a Dj set at the Visssual Garden, on August the 23rd
  • Released “Tot ce îmi doresc, atrag (feat. Vali Umbră)”
  • Started Mezzin, a deep house project, with the lead singer Yarra (Tania Mușina)
  • Released “Light me up (feat. Alexu and The Voices Inside)”
  • Played at “FineSounds Collective” event at Visssual Cultural Hub, Brașov
  • Released “The kids are dreaming” EP, an ambient material
  • Played a set at a photography exhibition at Tipografia Coffee House
  • Played a set at “Design Your Street Festival”, Brașov
  • Played „Street Delivery Festival”, Bacău
  • Played a set at “TamTam Festival”, Brașov
  • In June, I won a place in a music production mentorship, organized by Ballantine’s and held by the guys from Golan
  • Played a set at the “Open Gates” event at Visssual Cultural Hub, Brașov
  • In May, I participated at a contest organized by Burn Energy Drink, in which you had to compose a song, using only Burn can sounds. I made the song, send it and won. The award was a place in a music production mentorship program, organized by Pitch Ctrl. Got to know many others producers and Djs, from around all the country
  • Played a set at the “Brandfood Street Party“ event at Coresi Mall, Brașov
  • Played a set at a “Fluturatic” event at Obo Night Club, Brașov
  • Played an after party set at Elizabete Balcus’s concert at Visssual Cultural Hub, Brașov



  • Joined the “Sound Cards” project, by the Fine Sounds label
  • Released “Purpur” EP, my first deep house material
  • Played a set at the Contemporary Poetry Festival, Brașov
  • Played a set at NAG 2018, Brașov
  • Played a set at a “Fluturatic” event, at Jar Pub, Brașov
  • Played a set at a “Bad Habits” event at Square Pub, Brașov
  • Had my first interview for this project, in the „Zile și nopți” magazine
  • The first theater play I worked on, as a music composer: “Amalia Breaths Deep”
  • Played a set at the Hirscher 12 Cocktail Bistro, Brașov
  • Released my first song with a music video
  • Played a set at “Dactăr Nicu’s Skyzoid Poets” book club at Tipografia Coffee House, Brașov
  • Played a set at Dada Pub’s closing party, Brașov
  • My live debut with this project, and with my songs, at Amural Festival
  • One concept I was starting to like, were the songs with poetry read over them, instead of lead singer or MC. Thus, my first poetry song.
  • I created my YouTube and Soundcloud channels, where I psot everything I create 
  • I started the George Pandrea solo project
  • I started Biofilm, a poetry and dance project, with the poet Robert Elekeș, dancer Petra Binder and guitarist Radu Mureșan
  • I started Ataraxia, a hip hop duo (I was the beat maker) with MC Horia Marchean



  • I started Tertip, a Future Rnb project, with lead singer Diana Dolcan
  • I started producing music in Ableton ( a music production software)
  • I joined the cover-band, Bloombox, as a guitarist
  • Started learning piano, and writing songs on it.
    During college, I continued to play guitar, as a back-up in different covers duos
  • Started writing my own songs, both instrumental and lyrics
  • Started a covers duo with Lizzabett Russo, now an indie artist herself
  • Formed my first band in highschool, “B2”. We played mostly rock and indie songs. I had no idea what I was doing
  • Bought my first electric guitar, a black Epiphone SG
  • Started learning my highschool crush’s favorite songs
  • I received my first acoustic guitar, as a Christmas gift, in 2006.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



Cats. He’s Willy, ma boy.
Sports in general. Soccer in particular. Both watching and playing.
Watching the best show ever, of course.

So, how do you like my work until now?