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I am infinite. And I have been infinite ever since I first laid the first stroke of brush on a canvas. Every line, shape and color that covers my canvas comes from a living organism from the inside that I call inspiration.

It feeds with people, with dreams, with realities, with reactions, with images, with almost anything that makes it tremble and shiver with desire to expose itself. To the world. To the unknown. To the outer life. To become… infinite.

here is what happened first...

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What is HappenNing right now?

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Togetherness is a state of mind and heart, when you feel you connect your every cell to the other, yet you remain your true self with your true colours, in a beautifully contrasting, yet harmonious symphony of senses, thoughts, dreams and perceptions of the outer world.


Created together with my best friends, Laura and Beti, No Asha Da is a clothing line where our creations are limited edition high quality prints of my paintings.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • I am extremely busy with the event organisation at the Art Gallery, that I own together with my life partner, George and with No Asha Da, the clothing line created with my best friends, Beti and Laura. On top of these, there are several other exciting projects that are constantly appearing and which I just can’t resist to.



  • My first exhibition in Sibiu, Turnul Artelor
  • My tenth exhibition in Brasov, Rope Street Museum
  • My first exhibition in Bucharest, Saint Roastery Coffeeshop
  • We developped the art gallery into a concert venue, where we promote emerging artists
  • My nineth exhibition in Brasov, Bistro del Arte
  • My seventh exhibition in Brasov, Bistro del arte
  • I launched together with my best friends No Asha Da, a clothing line with high quality prints of my paintings on original designs
  • My eighth exhibition in Brasov, Ma Cocotte



  • My fifth exhibition in Brasov, Bistro del Arte
  • We opened a second location, the art hub Ora Hive
  • My sixth exhibition in Brasov, Rope Street Museum
  • The art gallery developed also into an art hub where adults started to learn art as a hobby, so i started organising art classes, workshops and different cultural events
  • I discovered my own painting style and favourite technique



  • I opened together with my partner the art gallery Ora 0 where i started to exhibit my own paintings but more that that to promote fresh artists, like myself, who are trying to find their way to peoples hearts
  • My fourth exhibition in Brasov



  • My third exhibition in Brasov, Okian Center
  • My second official exhibition in Brasov
  • My first exhibition in Targu Mures, with the support of Centrul Cultural Reduta
  • My first exhibition in Cluj, artist group, with the support of Centrul Cultural Reduta



  • My first official exhibition in Brasov
  • My first attendance to an international charity event in London
  • Continuous search and practice of painting techniques, styles and themes



  • My first informal exibition and my first painting sold
This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



When I am not painting, teaching foreign languages, organising events at my art gallery, working excitedly for No Asha Da and all the other amazing projects I am involved in, I adore discovering new and colourful places that boost my inspiration, enthusiasm, love of life and people. 

My Busy Life

My busy life means also having fun with my boyfriend and friends, even if it is while working or not, it means sharing my home with my beloved 5 cats, hanging out with my family when I find the time, going to music festivals, learning Portuguese and dancing. A lot.

So, how do you like my work until now?


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Getty's art is inspiration, feeling, bliss, wonder, joy - all mixed and reflected in amazing brush (or knife or even finger) strokes that melt the heart and lift the soul!
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Un artist minunat ce îți transmite o forță de viata și o dorinta de ceva nou aproape imposibil de stavilit!