Hypnosis Fire

We are a band of misfits who share many passions, but the one that has brought us hoplessly united is that of the burning flames. We started our journey some 12 years ago, with the desire to bring warmth and light to the masses.

Over the years we have grown, changed and evolved into a cohesive group. Our shows vary in length and theme, being highly flexible and easy to adapt to any demand.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Suceava’s MediEval Festival

13-16 August 2020

Like every other year we come back to our beloved Medieval Festival in Suceava, where for three nights we’re lighting up the citadel’s moat with new and old fire shows.


Current Work

After Death

We’re working on a new show, that tells the tales of life and death and how people adapt easily or not so easily to it. The show is inspired by Dias los Muertos, a Mexican holiday that celebrates the dead.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

Hypnosis Fire Show created multiple shows in order to take the audience through different worlds, times and lives with the help of light and fire. Here are a couple of our shows combined with our Artistic Résumé:

  • Earth Hour – Brasov † Light Festival – Copsa Mica †  Medieval Festival – Oradea
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava † “Etnovember Art” – Brasov


Coming from the well-known legend of Count Dracula, this show brings in the spotlight a modern story of romance between a human and a vampire where life and death are forced to confront each other against a background of lighting effects and fire.



  • “Babel FAST” – Targoviste † “Rockstadt Extreme Fest” – Rasnov † Medieval Festival – Oradea
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava † Private Event – Mogosoaia 
  • Light Festival – Copsa Mica † “Etnovember Art” – Brasov


A modular show which can be adapted to various event types. Themed after the eternal play of day and night, of black and white and of light and darkness, everything put together with spectacular choreography that keeps the watcher captivated by the story told with fire.

  • “Maris Fest” – Targu Mures †  Bragadiru Palace – Bucuresti † “Rockstadt Extreme Fest” – Rasnov
  • Medieval Festival – Oradea † City Days – Ghimbav † Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava
  • “Etnovember Art” – Brasov † Timisoara Fire Festival † “Halloweden” – Edenland Park
  • Private Party – Sinaia Cazino † New Year Party – Brasov

Industrial Age of Light

A fight in a post-apocalyptic world between two camps with totally different views. On one side we have the ones who want to restore order through force and on the other side, the rebels who will stop at nothing to prevent that. It’s a show filled with a multitude of special effects which are going to keep the audience enthralled.



  • Earth Hour – Pecica † Castle Bethlen – Deva † City Days – Pecica † Medieval Festival – Oradea
  • Light Festival – Copsa Mica † Private Party – Lunca Bradului † Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava
  • Timisoara Fire Festival † “Etnovember Art” – Brasov

Notre Dame

This spectacle presents a pyrotechnical approach to the now-famous tale of Quasimodo the Hunchback and Esmeralda, the bewitching gipsy, and their hauntingly tragic love stories. This is a complex show that includes both the traditional fire-juggling acts as well as classical choreography numbers, intertwined on both baroque and gipsy music, creating a truly mesmerizing display.

  • Princess Club – Bucuresti † Performing at the opening of Coresi Shopping Resort – Brasov
  • Heldsdorf Manison – Ghimbav † Light Festival – Copsa Mica † Theatre Festival “Festin” – Caracal
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava † Juggling workshop for children – Bucuresti
  • Opening of Mike’s Pub – Cluj-Napoca † Halloween Show – Sighisoara

The burning of the witch

One of our most complex spectacles. It immerses the viewers in medieval lore and legend, being centered on a powerful witch and her acolytes. Together they lead astray a band of lawful knights, only to be afterwards vanquished by the powers of Faith. The witches are disposed of in a dramatic manner, the lead sorceress being in the end burned on the stake.



  • Performing at the opening of Sky Jumping Competition – Rasnov † Opening act for Amon Amarth – Bucuresti
  • “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov, Fagaras, Bran † Museum Night – Brasov
  • Festival of Light – Brasov † City Days – Sanpetru, Cristian † Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava
  • Halloween Show – Sighisoara † Charitable Show “Dam, Dam Bucuram” – Brasov

A Christmas Tale

An allegorical representation of the famous story “How the Grinch stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss, which takes place in our times. The Present, symbol of this joyous holiday, is stolen by a dark figure and his minions. Santa Claus calls to his elves for aid and together they bring both the “Grinch” and minions back to the path of Good. The whole show ends on an optimistic note, in which everyone gets to fully enjoy the true meaning of the Christmas Spirit, through a theatrical display of light.

  • “Silver Church” – Bucuresti † “Rockstadt Extreme Fest” – Rasnov
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava
  • “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov, Fagaras, Bran † City Days – Brasov
  • “Aeternus Maramorosiensis Festival” – Sighetul Marmatiei † Hotel Aurelius – Poiana Brasov
  • “Maximum Rock Festival” – Bucuresti † “Etnovember Art” – Brasov

The Kidnaping

A king’s daughter is taken from him by his evil step-brother, after a bet in a game of chess goes horribly wrong. The latter attempts to corrupt his niece through magic, mischief and fire. The king turns for aid to his daughter’s fairy god mothers, who help both to preserve the young princess’ virtue but also lead the step-brother back onto the righteous path.



  • We participated and got to the semifinals to “Romanians have talent”, Bucharest
  • Bike Fest in Targoviste † “Turnier der Burgen” in Rasnov, Bran, Ghimbav  † Club EIGHTIES – Brasov
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava Zarnesti City Days
  • Bike Fest in Rasnov † Etnovember Art – Brasov † Medival Festival – Oradea
  • “Aeternus Maramorosiensis Festival” – Sighetul Marmatiei † “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov
  • “Turnier der Burgen” – Brasov, Fagaras, Bran, Rasnov † Medieval Festival – Medias
  • Medieval Festival “Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava † “Set on Fire” Motorbike Show – Cluj-Napoca
  • “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov † “Fest der Partnerstadte: Nurnberg und Brasov” – Germany
  • “Rumanien Fest” – Germany † “Rock ‘n’ Port Festival” – Targu Magurele
  • “Legenda Vie” – Fagaras † “Aeternus Maramorosiensis Festival” – Sighetul Marmatiei
  • Album Launching – Trooper



  • Sighisoara’s Medieval Festival † “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov
  • Medieval Festival – Bistrita † Medieval Festival – Medias
  • “Turnier der Burgen” – Brasov † “Turnier der Burgen” – Fagaras
  • “X-Country Festival” – Busteni † “Craciun in Bucovina” – Gura Humorului
  • Solid Like Rock Festival in Brasov  † “Turnirul Cetatilor” – Medival Festival in Brasov
  • Zilele Medievale ale Bălgradului – Alba-Iulia † Watumi Festival & Fringe – Brasov
  • Medieval Camp – Medias † Medieval Festival “ Stefan cel Mare” – Suceava † Medieval Festival – Hunedoara
  • Medieval Festival – Targu Mures



  • Hypnosis Fire Show starts their activity as fire jugglers
  • We participated in numerous Medieval Festivals in places like Suceava, Sighisoara, Alba-Iulia, Targu Mures
  • Etnovember Art – a festival that shows how important the culture and history of the city is.
  • We’ve also been to multiple events, such as Carefour opening, Halloween and New Year parties.
This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Busy life

From artists to IT, each member has a clearly defined life outside the rings of fire, perpetually twisting the mundane with excitement and wonder.

So, how do you like our work until now?


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