Laura Dinu

As crazy as it may sound I sing because I love silence. Silence, without which there would be no sound whatsoever.

I believe that every longing belongs to a word and every word to a melody. The shades of feelings detectable only by the eyes of the mind acquire body through the word and the longing behind each sound changes the meaning of each letter.

Sometimes I break the silence with a song –  with a full whisper and a long sigh that trembled on the water. Sometimes I sit aside and listen to the silence behind the music. I listen to the pulse of the world and detach myself from it. I detach myself from myself and I listen to my story.

I sing and keep quiet in the same verse because I don’t know a  higher scale than music. I laugh and cry in the same chorus  because I don’t know a deeper grave than music.

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  • This pandemic we are going through should not stop the music!
  • At the end of 2018 I was contacted to join a new project, a musical trio, called Tiplu Steker, of which I am still a part of. The style is Urban Folklore.
  • Started collaboration with Dalma Kovacs, and we participated at Jazz in the Park Festival where we won the best voice prize. 



  • I started playing in Bistro Albertand L’etage, and a year later I was playing in most of the piano bars in Brasov.
  • I started learning piano when i was 7 years old. i went to Liceul de arta, Brasov, there i studied 8 years of classical piano.
  • In the 5-th grade i started playing the acordeon at” Palatul copiilor ” brasov in the folkloric anssamble. we had concerts all over Europe with that group.
  • After that i felt the urge to learn a different style, blues and jazz, so i started jazz improvization at Scoala populara de arta Brasov with prof Radu Odesteanu, i didn’t finished the course, i dropped out after 2 years, life had different plans for me, but 7 years latter i redescover the joy of playing piano in different bars in Brasov

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My life is revolving around piano music

“The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.” – Ray Charles

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