Maria Jabke

I am a visual artist born in the Republic of Moldova and settled in Romania since the age of 15. My works represent me completely. I use line and color to render different spatial shapes in the two-dimensional space of the abstract work. My works can include static natures, landscapes, portraits, abstracts and much more. In essence, “my art” is an art produced for one’s own satisfaction and self-expression. Spontaneity characterizes me, the inspiration comes to me every day from different things I notice around me. I discovered my passion since I was little scribbling on walls and cabinets. Now I want to exceed my limits more than ever. I believe in the power of example and in the fact that there is in each of us the power to achieve everything we want. I feel fulfilled on a personal and professional level, being also an artist – for my soul. 

What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work

Working on two projects, a 5 piece collection inspired by the evolution of the soul and one with an abstract view on details found in the nature world.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé


  • My first personal exhibition at the Ora0 Gallery in Brasov
  • “Blue octopus” – Made using the mixed technique acrylic and oil on canvas 100 / 70cm. I reproduced the aggression, the danger, the poisonous venom of the blue octopus.
  • “Beeswax” – Acrylic technique on canvas. I was drawn to the colors of the earth in my garden and the bees swarming around me, which became the object of my actions.
  • “Matrioska” – This painting was made using the 70/50 cm acrylic canvas technique.
  • “Abstract Land” – Acrylic technique on canvas. It is part of the abstract category, where the possibilities are endless.
  • I participated in the “Visual Arts Exhibition International Autumn Salon 5th Edition” with two paintings.
  • I participated with paintings for a charity event.



  • “Butterfly Woman” – Made in using a mix of acrylic colors and oil on canvas 90/70 cm. “Butterflies are also reinvented. Only once in their lifetime. We always do it and what a blessing! Every time we reach butterflies, however, we have different wings, sometimes full of splendor, sometimes full of courage. When we fall in love, we spread our wings full of vivid colors, we are finally butterflies.
  • “Lost soul” – Made using the mixed technique acrylic and oil on canvas 100 / 70cm. It’s a self-portrait. I felt like I was escaping with my mind to other places, to balance myself emotionally envelop me with abstract colors.
  • Children and art – I am the one who has to prove a great art in the family, that’s why I play with my children through art, I always give them creative homework, this way we spend quality time together.
  • Digital painting – I graduated Faculty of ART in Timisoara, Graphic design department, so I embraced this very interesting branch and I usually apply it when I relax and generate new ideas.
  • Hand painted clothing – Due to my passion for art I paint on jackets, T-shirts, shoes. Uniqueness, emotion and personality are the defining words that characterize me. I am a passionate woman about beauty, and I am in a continuous search for magic.
  • Makeup and body painting – they awaken me and stimulate certain feelings and qualities that make me feel complete.
  • Print design
  • Me Painting – It is a great happiness for me when I paint, I become more dynamic, but also more confident, bringing + value to the whole community.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Family and friends

I am not the best in organizing and managing time but my creativity and inspiration is the most productive when I am alone, otherwise I dedicate all my free time to family and friends. Quality time spent with family and friends is just as important to me, because it stimulates my happiness “with money I can’t buy happiness”.

For me, spending  time with those I love is always a good investment! In this way I create memorable experiences.I like to travel, go on vacation with the kids, go hiking, cook,  sports, and have fun with friends.


The reasons why I like to travel with my family are varied and very personal. When my children have holidays, we always travel to Romania or Europe. And that’s because we live new experiences and challenges and take us out of our comfort zone. At the end of our successful journeys, we feel pride, joy and energy.

So, how do you like my work until now?


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"The ideal I aspire to, is for the message of my art to reach the soul of Romanians as well."