Mihai Nedea

Music is a universal language that everybody understands instantly, because it doesn’t use words, it uses emotions to tell stories. It is one of the branches of arts that creates an intimate bridge between the artist and the audience, which channels your most inner feelings to the listener. It is a super massive highway of emotion.

That is the main purpose for me, as a musician. To be able to channel my feelings, my view of the world, to you, the listener. My style of music is a fusion of genres, from blues to rock.

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  • This pandemic we are going through should not stop the music!
  • At the end of 2018 I was contacted to join a new project, a musical trio, called Tiplu Steker, of which I am still a part of. The style is Urban Folklore.
  • Started collaboration with Dalma Kovacs, and we participated at Jazz in the Park Festival where we won the best voice prize. 



  • I started playing in Bistro Albertand L’etage, and a year later I was playing in most of the piano bars in Brasov.
  • I started learning piano when i was 7 years old. i went to Liceul de arta, Brasov, there i studied 8 years of classical piano.
  • In the 5-th grade i started playing the acordeon at” Palatul copiilor ” brasov in the folkloric anssamble. we had concerts all over Europe with that group.
  • After that i felt the urge to learn a different style, blues and jazz, so i started jazz improvization at Scoala populara de arta Brasov with prof Radu Odesteanu, i didn’t finished the course, i dropped out after 2 years, life had different plans for me, but 7 years latter i redescover the joy of playing piano in different bars in Brasov

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My life is revolving around piano music

“The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.” – Ray Charles

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