NO ASHA DA wants to take down the ART from the walls and bring it in the everyday life – our clients are bold and playful, creative and daring, practical and inventive.

The brand is based on high quality original prints of paintings, created by the artist Getty Tatomir#WearableArt. The items are #LimitedEdition, we create only 10 for each continent – and all the products come with a Certificate of Authenticity for the art piece they mirror. NO ASHA DA promotes a comfortable #UrbanWear design, playing with various textures, colours and styles that reflect the joy of life and love of art.

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What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work

new ideas, new collections

We are constantly working on new ideas, new collections, new ways of getting to our public. Our designs are a teamwork, we play with colours, fabrics and ideas and most of the times we start with one idea, but the end product turns out to be completely different.

We will be part of big artisan fairs and festivals in 2020 (hoping that we #SaveTheSummer) thus make sure you follow us on our Social Media pages in order to know when and where we can meet.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

Fall Winter 2020 - #HOODOOYOULOVE Collection

A collection about hood, sisterhood and brotherhood – Romanian funny expressions that can not be translated (with sense) in English, like „Mi-a sărit muștarul”, „Dus(ă) cu pluta”, „Sunt varză”, „Nu umbla cu cioara vopsită” painted by Getty in her Romaniacs Collection and now printed on patches & applied with great skills on awesome HOODIES, so fluffy inside that you want to wear them all the time!

Spring Summer 2020 “CHROMANIACS” Collection

Based on the three primary colours, and partially on Getty Tatomir’s collection “Romaniacs”, CHROMANIACS is a collection full of love and symbols! The Romanian flag (which contains the three primary colours) is chromatically represented on the items.

Expressions like “DOR MISTUITOR” or “DUS CU PLUTA” are graphically illustrated on our high-quality prints that mirror Getty’s art. A mix of art, hues, versatile shapes, multicultural symbols and ethnic pride – #ProudlyMadeInBrașov, #Romania!



Fall Winter 2019 “History of Music” Collection

This collection is about HISTORY – of music, of Romanian wear, of our brand! All the pieces have a musical name; the reinterpreted “fota” is a Romanian traditional women’s wear and it’s no coincidence that we launch this collection today, 1st of December 2019 – a day to celebrate Romania and Romanians! Because No Asha Da is  #ProudlyMadeInBrașov, #Romania! We melted in this collection memories and sounds, colours and emotions – building a future while honoring the past.

Spring Summer 2019 “ART!sh” Collection

This NO ASHA DA collection is about re-using, recycling, re-inventing. We used bits and pieces from our previous two collections (“The ARTist” & “ARTumn”) and we created these six happy, cute, casual tops. Some are unique, others can be created in #LimitedEdition. The message is clear: recycling is COOL! It’s HIP! It’s TRENDY! It’s ARTSY!

Fall Winter 2018 “ARTumn” Collection

The #ARTumn concept is inspired by fall’s gentle colours and tender vibes.

Spring Summer 2018 "The ARTist" Collection

The ARTist” concept is about bringing art closer, infusing it in every aspect of our lives, but most importantly it is about celebrating the artist that lies in each and every one of us.

Official launch of NO ASHA DA & ART WALK

On 20.06.2018 we had our official launch at Casa Armatei, Brașov. Preparing the entire project took aproximately a year.


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Spending lots of time together

We started this project in Brașov, as Getty Tatomir (Art Director) & Beti Piscureanu (Designer) were searching some unique prints for a fashion project – and, since they did not find exactly what they were looking for, they decided to CREATE them! Laura Bercean joined the team as a Brand Manager, and among the three of us the ideas only got bolder and more challenging.

We enjoy working with each other, we are partners in this, but above it all – we are friends!

We spend lots of time together: having coffee out, at our NO ASHA DA office, at Ora0, at Stup – and it’s not all work, we also play 😊 We find inspiration in everything around us, and most of the time we don’t even realise that we are working until one of us says “OK, so – yep, this is the new collection!”

So, how do you like OUR work until now?


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In love with my so beautiful "Llorona". Thank you, are amazing!
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The best present ever! I love your creations. An amazing team that brings wonderful experiences for us, straight from their beautiful souls.