Oana Brais

Hello! My name is Oana Livia Brais, I am 30 years old, and currently I live in Brasov. I have always loved to draw and paint, but only after a long pause, in my first years of college, which is not in the field of arts, I redescovered my passion. I remember that I started painting again after visiting some friends, where I saw and admired a huge painting, which covered almost an entire wall. It was a very beautiful landscape, with many vivid colors, which inspired my peace. In that very moment I realized that I could try to paint, I wanted a similar picture in my home. And so I did. And since then, through each attempt to draw and paint, I experiment, I discover myself, my skills, I aim to constantly become better at what I do.

What is HappenNing right now?

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"Every canvas is a journey all it's own" - Helen Frankenthaler.

Everything around us can be a source of inspiration and can be exposed though words, music, or visually, though images, drawings, paintings. My goal is to capture emotions, feelings through my art.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives art prize. Banality Of Evil
  • Participant in this competition, with my artwork „A kind of a new beginning”



  • I started painting after some years of absence, this time with fresh strength and great motivation
  • I created most of my drawings


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Hiking, Concerts, Travelling

Being the mother of two little children, the time spent with them is the most important, but I still find time for other hobbies such as hiking, which we often do with the little ones, going to various concerts, traveling around the country and discovering a lot of new, exciting places.

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