Schoppel Cut

My paper collage collection came out of the need to use my hands in activities where “undo a mistake” is not possible. Visual poetry about dreams, conflicts and questions, or simply a return to image, giving shape to the past, personal memories, urban or bucolic life.

Because a collage shows you how much reality can be pierced and the distance imposed by the imaginary, it becomes your own memories technology, assembled through cutting and gluing paper, as a form of resistance against the liberty provided by the digital.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work

"memories ago" group exhibition

5 February 2021 – 12 February 2021, painting and collage exhibition at Ora0 art gallery.

"What's next" group exhibition

12 December 2020 – 30 January 2021, Galateca, Bucharest.

"sepoARTĂ" group exhibition

8 December 2020 – 5 January 2021, part of a group exhibition named sepoARTĂ| NewWay at Elite Art Gallery.

NeoNlitic 2.0

The “NeoNlitic” project made by the Wood Be Nice Association and co-financed by “The Administration of the National Cultural Fund aims to support and promote artistic production, by capitalizing on the common cultural heritage and reinterpreting the aesthetics of Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures through modern artistic production techniques. 

This year, 3 exhibitions in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. The second edition of NeoNlitic is an itinerant project that aims to reinterpret the aesthetics of Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures in a contemporary vision. Also, this approach aims to support and promote artistic creation. The project will be visible to the public this year, between October 9 and November 28.

My contribution in NEONLITIC project implies creating three 70cmX70cm paper collages on cardboard. The subject of the works is considering leitmotifs as: antropomorphical figures, the existence of sanctuaries and early writing systems that sums the cultural characteristics of neolithic age. The pictures that are used will be cut from art and history albums, then pasted, keeping the theme all Schoppel Cut paper collages. 

Quarantine Art 2020

My current work has the isolation in which we all are sunken as a starting point. QuarantineArt is the impulse at the base of the current project, which involves man’s relation with isolation, the city, with himself. How do we escape in the world within? How are we withstanding the empty city, to which we have no access? What are we missing? These are the underlying questions of a project focused on physical or spiritual disease, born out of isolation. 

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • Due to the pandemic, Fisart 2020 became Virtual Fissart 2020, which meant that we did simulations in photoshop on what buildings would look like if we put collages, paste-ups or paintings on certain buildings.
  • June 18-25, 2020. I attended an artistic residence at the Ion D. Sîrbu Memorial House, Petrila.
  • Camp #artcheck, Predeluț, Brașov. An annual independent art residence, initiated by Silviu Hrușcă, starting with 2017.
  • Personal exhibition, Izgonirea din SeRAI, Celula, Bucharest

The exhibition took place on 15th of February, in Casa Carol 53.
Schoppel Cut illustrates the subject of fear and of the disgust the creator feels towards the abandoned, in a visual poetry manner. Izgonirea din SeRAI represents the expulsion of the marginalized: ethnic minorities, single mothers, fornicators or lovers, of those who are dissatisfied with their bodies, or of those who dishonor themselves by worshiping the city. The outsider is rejected because of his appearance, his habits, but the need to find the meaning of the human condition looking through the eyes of the social inquisitor, becomes the stake of the exhibition.

  • Participated in “Târg virtual de Crăciun la Fundaţia Calea Victoriei“, 14th – 21st of December fair.
  • Participated in the project “Artă în curtea școlii”, second edition, Cluj Napoca.



  • Ordinul Arhitecților din România exhibition, Street Delivery, Bucharest
  • Street Delivery exhibition, Bacău

Poetry is on the street. For Ordinul Arhitecților of Romania, Street Delivery remains a project with a long term goal: (re)learning a good living in the city. Schoppel Cut “joined in with visual poetry about man’s relation with the city, bringing street poetry into a historical house, through analog collage”.

  • Citadel Delivery exhibition, Oradea
  • Inside Out, group exhibition, BNAC, Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor, Bucharest

Citadel Delivery is about making the citadel a more beautiful place and rediscovering it through cultural prisms. Oradea citadel was transformed through personifications, metaphors, comparisons, epithets and figures of speech, in lyrics and pictures. Schoppel Cut composed the poetical painting through a series of analog collages which described man’s need to escape from the city crowded with cars, through escaping within.

  • Group exhibition Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
  • Zona Liberă Butic exhibition
  • Participation at Fundația Calea Victoriei fair
  • Showing up in Fanzine
  • Showing up in Gazetofon
  • Art residence, Værøy, Norway
  • Solsnu, Værøy, Norway exhibition

Alongside IRLO (muralist) and Rossana Lorenzen (composer), Schoppel Cut participated in an art residence on Værøy island, Norway, where she created a series of 15 collages, inspired from northern culture, with the landscapes and legends of the place, implicitly, using local magazines exclusively for the creation of analog collages.

This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


From Poetry to Collages

I’m Carla Schoppel, a graduate of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate). The studies in the field of philosophy determined me to ask many questions, to try to find an answer, but especially to probe the arts through them, which I consider the common denominator of humanity. I really like to write (poetry and prose, critical texts – specific to the academic life in which I swam 8 years and book reviews or articles focused on topics in the field of arts: visual art, music, etc.), and as a result of this passion, I also partially escaped, three years ago, from the world of letters, wanting to somehow illustrate the poems I write.

That’s how I came up with analog collage. Although I was familiar with visual art, thanks to the curatorial jobs, writing and implementation of visual art projects, which I have been carrying out since 2015, I felt the need to express myself in this way as well. Otherwise, among my hobbies, there is archery and the Persian language, which I have been learning for about 2 years.

So, how do you like my work until now?


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Schoppel Cut mainly uses fragments of works of art to create a bridge between artistic traditions and Freudian fantasies concerned with loss, between objects of desire and subversive themes that haunt the present: social, political, contrasts of one’s own culture, even one’s own ambivalence.