Incredible. Sarcastic. Incredibly sarcastic.

Shelu. Rapper. Philosopher. Writer. Poet.

Post-Modernist. Neo-Romantic. This ‘n That & That’s a Fact. Aristoshel. Engineer. Artist. A combination of oxymoronic antitheses. I don’t believe in cacophonies. Existentialism. Cosmos. Ether. Ephemeral. Hope. Snare. Kick. Hat. Ciki ciki. Lighting. Conscience. With two eyes you watch. With the third one you see. Restoration of the culture. Academy. Lust. Recovery. Renaissance. Repeat. Recycle and recite. Rime. Evil and good? Illusions. Maya. Morality. Mortality. Question marks? Computing calculations constantly; Hypochondriac. Pentapolar. For what & for whom? Jokes you can get; jokes you can’t get. A debate between solipsists would be very amusing. Atheists and other shenanigans. Bullshit & This ‘n That. Repetition. Superstition. Solstices. Real seasons; abstract seasons. Winter over ice hearts and summer over lovers’ smiles. Spring in the morning. When we lose ourselves in the smoke, autumn. Madam. Miss. Mother. Oedipus and the relevance. The fascination of it. Aberration. 

What is HappenNing right now?


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Current Work

CONCERT @ ORA0 (24 APRIL 2020 – TBD)

45 minutes of rhymes and vibes and culture, a much calmer environment, smaller speakers, closer interaction with the audience.


30 minutes of rhymes and vibes and spell and culture, a more underground environment, bigger speakers, we do “bahaos” and smoke and lights and crowd manipulation and all the cool stuff.

OFFICIAL debut with my first hip-hop album (2020)

Details: 11 tracks, funk, jazz & techno hip-hop, serious lyrics, non-serious lyrics (number of tracks might change).

THIRD participation @ iUMOR (2020)

The hat-trick must be completed, my girl Delia is waiting for me, Cheloo is missing me, Bendeac wants my mind. Miss Teacher is … well, you will see.

URBANIST Session @Deliric (TBD)

8-10 minutes freestyle SET.

OFFICIAL debut with collaborative album (2021)

Details: 10+ tracks, more underground style, in collaboration with two boys on the rise, Aleq and Maaos.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • Intense networking, I’m starting to know boys and girls in the industry, the plans are laid out, the desired future seems to be approaching. You’ll see me, one hundred percent. Here, and there, on stage and at the party.
  • January Opening concert for BMC, Visssual, Brasov.
  • February, March – “APOLLO” and “SHI SHI” released, the latter recorded in Bucharest.



  • December – Visssual concert, participation in the Freestyle Familia @Visssual and King of Rhymes, 2nd edition. Got 2nd place.
  • December – Ora0 concert, 90 mins, first experience of the kind, really eye opening, thanks Getty & George! Ora0 is the modern Junimea, yep yep.
  • November, April – “KUYA” released, Freestyle @VoceaStrazii.
  • July – LOGITECH speechallenge, “FELIAH” is released.
  • Small sets sung throughout Brasov and Bucharest @The Pub, Visssual, TreiBetivi, Motiv.
  • August – participation @iUMOR for the second time, on Britney Spears – Toxic instrumental. I take 2 YESES.
  • I sign up & win at King of Rhymes, 1st edition, Brașov, Visssual. I also sing a 10 min set.
  • January – Participation @iUMOR for the first time, with the song CARAPACE. I take 2 YESES, from my boy Bendeac and my girl Deliah.
  • Participation @Cel Mai Tare din Parcare, I reached the semi-final, but we all know I deserved to win. Eh, I don’t mind, cos in my mind I’m winning all the time, even when I’m losing.
  • Participation @Battle MC Romania, I reach the semi-final, where Pitty takes me out (the dude can really spit good lyrics on the spot; his win is deserved).



  • The place where I usually went to karaoke in Brasov goes bankrupt, I finish college, my new job starts, so a Psychological Rebirth begins.
  • I participate in the Romanians Got Talent show, I take 4 YESES, but I do not pass on to the next stage. I encourage myself. I’m starting to have serious plans with music.
  • I start to write lyrics more often, I suffer out of love, I start to smoke more often.
  • Gaming a lot. Few parties. Karaoke 4 times a week, practicing without even realizing.
  • I start to write some songs, for fun.



  • I discover karaoke, where I will do my rap training for 11 years without realizing it.
    I do not compose much during this time, I prefer to sing Michael Jackson, Blue and Backstreet Boys in Schwarz Pub.
  • I’m an Akcent fan since 2001. And I’m a fan of Moldavian accent since Med School haha. I write poems, short stories, attempts at novels.
  • I record the first hip-hop wannabe non-professional-bad-quality tracks under the name Symbol, with my homeboy Demeni. (really terrible quality, but at least I was lame when the internet wasn’t really a thing -> Shelu was before Selly, please note that, I just didn’t wanna be exposed as a moron) PS: 3 tracks from Symbol can still be found on Youtube.


As a youngster

  • 1991 – I was born through an artistic act, foaming of romance, defying systems of thought, like a little Voltaire. Nurses in the Maternity Ward said I’m cute. 
  • 1991/2000 – the spells of Childhood. I didn’t eat my sandwiches at school, I argued with my brother, I obeyed my parents, especially my mother (Oedipus stuff and selection of potential partners is relevant, will talk more about this in prestigious interviews that will come, probably in 5 years).

This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?



POETRY – “Adevăratul Luceafăr”

Eminescu’s “Luceafărul” has 392 verses. It’s about impossible love. My “True Luceafărul” has 394 verses. It’s about money.

PUBLICATION of the first novel, “Liftul” (“The Elevator”) (2021)

Details: It has floors, not chapters. 65% of the first skeleton of the novel is completed. The last two chapters are waiting for real suffering in real life, to arouse artistic authenticity. (just quit smoking, so I might consider this a real suffering, because it actually is).

So, how do you like my work until now?


Intersection and the Great White. The elevator, obviously. The style, obviously. Sun Glasses, obviously. Microphone and monitor and monitors. Snowing myself rarely and dimensioning myself rarely. Chillaxing for a while, we then return to the Renaissance, rebalancing the rays of the Right Roads, raging raw. Once upon a time, they lived how they lived and died in the end. Symmetry of antisymmetry and selfish altruism. Selfish truism. The unbeatable Sheluțian sophism. Ego. Superposition and other positions. Miss Teacher and other student girls. Sounds. Thunder and screams and thunder and sting. Supersaturated. Upset. Back again, in this eternal return, returning eternally without even knowing. Happy. And sad. And mad. And sane. And insane. But happy.
Magic like Blaine. Or like Jackson.
Ambitions of becoming the most complete artist this country has ever witnessed. Ambition already achieved, I’m just playing now. Artistic revolution incoming. Happy to not be under the radar right now, because time is needed for the gathering of the power and influence. “Down with the fools!”, says he, angrily, whilst getting down with the fools. Down with the many. We need to reconquer nature and spirit and dreams. We need to play a part for the sake of art. I’d also love a tart. The Mask is nothing compared to the Becoming that will happen. Eternal Now. Eternal Now. Gone forever, only to come back again. Bruised with ego. Saved by alter-ego. Rebuilding personality like Lego. Here for a while, embracing infinity and defying the Trinity. Poet. Writer. Philosopher. Rapper. Shelu.
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