I am Stefan Ilie-Micu from Bucharest. Art lover and creator; impassioned by nature, raw materials and architecture; struggling to find my best vision and keen to share with the world.
We permanently feel the need to run away, escape, feeding our peace; though, solely up to a certain point such peace can be feed. Escaping a horrific moment, running with the wind, blowing in ones face, while every second dramatically expands only in our own perception.
My process of painting is not meant to state something on the spot; it’s the mare exercise of understanding my soul. And so, I feel again free and lacking worries, exactly as I felt as a youngster when befriending new friends.

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Beauty knows no time - acrylics on canvas 70/100cm

The painting represents eternal beauty. The subtlety of true beauty, masked by the colors black and white, is revealed by the butterflies array of colors. Time, tripped of its bearings and unwilling to count anymore, embraces all that it's given before him. Will the butterfly ever know why it is so beautiful?

On big dreams

The clock represents time itself, the balloon is a way to run, because the little monkey represents fear and the desire to run when things look bad. But sometimes dreams (the cardinal bird) are so big that fear has no means to act (the flatten balloon). The key is a way to make dreams come true. The background - uncertainty

Dreams, fear and good luck! - acrylics on canvas 100/150cm

The painting represents a gathering of feelings and emotions in a crucial moment. Metamorphosis in both directions between larva and butterfly (ugly and beautiful) dictated by a time set on the 12th hour which represents either a beginning or an end. The floral background and the Venetian mask, deceivers of beautiful (motifs of the false) attract butterflies that can not reproduce beauty through color (allude to a previous painting entitled We are what we eat - here rendered by the blue butterfly attracted by the sweetness of the grape). 

Time capsule - acrylics on canvas 70/100cm

Time is the element that bonds all thing in my paintings (in a right time, wrong time kind of way), and so I go and express feelings and emotions as time gathers them together in a capsule. The butterfly and flower represents beauty, the koy fish and the clover are good luck, the tarsier (little monkey) is fear, the rabbit is boredom, the cardinal bird (red bird) represents dreams and the key is the way to make them happen. Then there are the piano notes that are the joy of living, the green and blue bird is curiosity and the bird of pray in a distant left corner represents evil that s always watching.



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My process of painting is not meant to state something on the spot; it’s the mere exercise of understanding my soul!​​