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I am an artist from Brasov. I have been studying painting for a few years with two amazing local artists that are internationally renowned. Until now, I have exhibited my work in a number of local group exhibitions. Internationally, the most notable accomplishment was a semi-honorable mention at ArtOlympia Japan in 2019. The jury consisted of curators from New York and Tokyo, and my piece was chosen out of thousands of applicants.

Through my pieces, I want to paint feelings, emotions captured in the position of the human body, in an immediate and spontaneous gesture. I don’t spend a lot of time creating each piece, as I want to keep the same state of spirit I want to pass on to the canvas, throughout the whole process: initial lines, colors, finishing touches. It is not my intention to create beauty. I am just showing you in oil what I see, what I choose to see.

What is HappenNing right now?

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Current Work

two series of paintings

The main one comes as a reaction to the current social context. I’ve started with “Two to the ceiling”, a picture of isolation, followed by “For the times”, a piece that is pretty self-explanatory

My secondary ongoing project is a series of a very cute monster-ish creature I created. The plan is to portray him in different typical scary contexts, just to emphasize his humanity and cuteness.

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé

  • White Night of Galleries – Brasov, Romania, October 2019 in two projects: Beclockwise & Magda Vacariu Art School
  • Piece exhibited digitally on the screens in the Walk of Art @ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0, Switzerland – August 2019
  • Semi-honorable mention at ArtOlympia competition in Tokyo, Japan, July 2019
  • Magda Vacariu Artists Group exhibition — at Rope Street Museum – Brasov, Romania, June 2019
  • “Shades of Life” group exhibition, at Rope Street Museum – Brasov, Romania, February 2019



  • White Night of Galleries – Brasov, Romania, October 2018
  • Amural [A4] Visual Festival – Brasov, Romania, August 2018
  • Parallax Art Fair – London, UK, August 2018
This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


revolving around painting​

When I am not actually working on a piece, I am thinking about my next ones. I take every chance to paint outside, even if nature is not the focus of my style, it’s for getting out of the box every now and then.

I am also passionate about art museums. The most impressive exhibition was Mark Rothko in Vienna. The sheer size of the pieces, the colors… it was a unique experience.

So, how do you like My work until now?


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