We Singing Colors

WE SINGING COLORS is an alternative pop-rock band with fine touches of folk.

 “Fragile acoustic guitar chords and fulminant choirs are doubled by the rhythmic section.
And the dialogue between Andrei and Roxana’s voices, complement each other and emphasize the bands lyrics. ” — Bogdan Serban, Radio Guerrilla 

In the past 9 years, We Singing Colors played over 300 concerts from intimate performances (such in a taxi) to large festival scenes in home Romania, also in India, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia.  
Over the time, the band had collaborations with local musicians like Vlad Ionescu, Narcis Axinte, Andrei Fântână, Victor Mihăilescu, Adi Seven, Corina Ciuplea, Paul Ballo, Cosmin Dumbravă, Cosmin Postolache, Andi Dupont. Having released 2 albums (“Made of wool, made of heavy metal” and “Lone Learner”) the band is keen on working on the third. And Nomad would be the first song to announce an upcoming album, the music video can be watched here.

The live act consists of the duo: Andrei (vocals, acoustic guitar) – Roxana (vocals, keyboard) and drummer Robert Dahlqvist.

What is HappenNing right now?


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Current Work

2021 comes with good news! We just launched the video of “All the people“.

The song is part of our second album, Lone Learner. The video was filmed by  Rareș Dima, directed by Eugen Dediu during the pandemics, and edited by Sabin Filip. The song was recorded in Underdog studio.

Mix & Master: Victor Mihăilescu
Music & Lyrics: Andrei Hațegan & Roxana Niculae
Cello: Corina Ciuplea -Țurcan

What about the Road to Success?

Artistic Résumé


  • February, Control Club, launching the new music video for “NOMAD”
  • May – Solidar Local – first lockdown fest and Alternative Culture Home Gig, during the lockdown period
  • August – Live at Londohome, Bucharest – with special guests: Narcis Axinte, Dan Olaru, Vlad Ionescu
  • August – Live at Gradina cu filme, Bucharest – with special guests: Mircea Voloh and Narcis Axinte
  • September – Lake Side Story, Bucharest – unplugged concert straight from a boat on Cismigiu Lake
  • Made a tour in the Balkans, including Brasov (Ora 0), Belgrad, Koper, Budapest, Kosarisce – Floating Castle Festival. In Koper, besides the festival gig we had our first show in a prison
  • Our first hey concert hosted by Expirat, Bucharest
  • Live @Diud
  • Acoustic @Parc Natural Vacaresti



  • Launch of the second studio album “Lone Learner” with special guest from Spain – Sara Ledesma and DBLTRBL at Club Expirat.
  • Live @Starea Natiei
  • Japan – we toured Japan, had 6 concerts in Tokyo, Yokohama & Chiba
  • UK: Wilderness Festival, Oxford and London shows



  • Spain 2016 – Starting 2016 for three years in a row, we toured Valencia & Castellon playing different venues and radio shows
  • India, 2015 – Saarang Festival – playing for the first time outside Europe, in Chennai – https://youtu.be/tLmYN-XmRwE
    Bridal Hands, 2015 – https://youtu.be/jK3FFtnlkwY
  • India, 2015 – Saarang Festival – playing for the first time outside Europe, in Chennai
  • First album launch:  “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”, 2014
  • Live in a forest,2014
  • Cantec de seara, 2013
  • Martini, 2013
  • Good Days, bad days, 2012
  • Live in a taxi, 2012
  • First songs were created in 2011 and first concerts started


This was official,But what is happening Otherwise?


Besides music, we love traveling, food (especially cooking it), discovering nice places that you don’t quite find in travel guides.
There would also be reading, riding a bike and moreover walking tens of kilometers outside the city, far away from national roads. And did we mention how much we love dogs and cats and sheep, cows, horses..we could go like this forever..

So, how do you like OUR work until now?